Zeosen Livestock

What is Zeosen®

  • Micronized zeolite clinptilolite with enhanced biological activity
  • Small particle size (less than 10 microns)
  • Micronized with patented technology
  • Enhancing immune system, antioxidant enzymes and promoting digestibility and bioavialability of other nutrients

What is Zeolite?

  • CaAl2Si7O18
  • Other cations: Na+, K+, Mg2+
  • Applicable for animal and human use
  • Ion-exchangers; adsorbents; animal feed additives, antacids, drugs (Enterex), anti caking agents – EC12991, No. 2200/2001; October 17, 2001

Technology behind Zeosen®

  • Finely micronized zeolite mineral with enhanced biological activity
  • Made with patented micronization technology 20 years in the making and constant improvements
  • Environmentally friendly technology enabling improvement of various mineral substances
  • Suitable for fertilizers and mineral feed additive production

Micronization effects

  • Reduced particle size: 200 nm – 10 µm and increased specific surface
  • Increased mesoporosity: portion of total mesoporous surface within BET total surface exceeds 50%
  • Due to mentioned characteristics, reactive portion of particle surface is increased, thus stronger interaction with biological tissues:/p>

Zeosen® mechanism of action

Due to small size, Zeosen interacts via intestinal epithelial cells (villi) and probiotic bacteria, thus modulating immune system, enzymes and performing detoxification

Toxin removal

Zeosen® efficiently adsorbs and immobilizes:

  • Mycotoxins (ochratoxin and aflatoxin B1)
  • Nitrosamines
  • Dioxines
  • Heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Cd, As) and ammonia
  • Bacterial toxins and viruses

Immune modulation

Zeosen® interacts in galt which induces:

  • Increased macrophage and DC response
  • CD4 CD8 proliferation
  • Improvement of gut cellular barrier

Improved nutrient digestibility

Zeosen® interacts in galt which induces:

  • Increased macrophage and DC response
  • CD4 CD8 proliferation
  • Improvement of gut cellular barrier

Silicon suplementation

MZ is highly effective source of bioavailable silicon (H4SiO4), therefore promoting:

  • Collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Faster bone growth and mineralization
  • Improved tendon strength (reduction of injury)
  • Faster growth and thicker and lustre hair (coat, fur)

Antioxidant effect

  • SOD, Catalase and peroxidase enzymes are stimulated by MZ therefore reducing oxidation, peroxidation and lipid peroxidation.
  • MZ adsorbs hydroxyl radical, molecule which wreaks havoc in body

Benefits of Zeosen®

High quality meat increase (up to 30%) due to:

  • improved feed efficiency ratio,
  • better water consumption,
  • enhanced nutrient utilization,
  • improved manure and litter condition, reduced ammonia
  • prevention of aflatoxicosis,
  • prevention of respiratory diseases, Bacterial toxins and parasites
  • improved taste of meat
  • Increased immune system (less antibiotics use)

Product Line




ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® is a new generation of a 100% natural mineral consisting of calcite (CaMg)CO3.
In a patented process it is micronized and available in the form of a fine powder. Dispersed in water (only 40g per 1 litres of water) it is sprayed out.

Due to its properties it easily up taken by plants where it split into carbon dioxide (CO2), Calcium oxide (CaO) and Magnesium oxide (MgO), important micro nutrients. These nutrients are immediately available to the plants.

The CO2 results in a very strong photosynthesis and the fast growth of healthy plants. These healthy plants are hardly attacked by pests and diseases.

The final outcome is a substantially higher yield (at least 30 – 70%) and high quality crop due to a higher BRIX (biomass).
Fruits and Vegetables have a better taste (higher sugar content)
Cost of farming is reduced since chemical fertilizers can be saved up to 70% and hardly any pesticides need to be applied.


Contain:  Calcium (CaO)

Weight:  5Kg – 400grams

Price:  Click Here


1.2- Zeosen Animal Feed Supplements- Zeosen is a livestock feed additive which Improves feed conversion, toxin removal and enhanced immune response in livestock animals which results in enhanced meat, milk and egg productivity and significantly improved quality of livestock’s output.

Zeosen is made from 100% natural mineral Zeolite Clinoptilolite, enhanced with proprietary Micronization technology delivering potent biological effects on animal health, growth and performance. Due to the extremely small particles of Clinoptilolite with high reactive surface area.

Zeosen enhances food conversion and better utilization of nutrients resulting in up to 30% of weight increase originating from
lean muscle mass.

a. Improved digestibility in animals- Zeosen interact with the stomach and digestive enzymes to promote digestibility of foods and nutrients
b. Immune enhancer- it positively affects immune system of the animals by regulating behaviour of immune cells in CALT and promoting survival of useful gut bacteria.
c. Antioxidant Booster- Zeosen can positively modulate a number of antioxidant enzymes via intestinal tissue.
d. Toxin removal- Zeosen assist health and regeneration by promoting toxin and heavy metal binding and their elimination.