Use Of Agriculture in Next Four Decades

Within the next four decades the population of the world will rise by about 30% and the demand for agricultural products is estimated to rise by 70%. Agricultural land is limited, deforestation has to stop and there is a competition developing crops for food or biofuels. The use of more chemical fertilizers and pesticides is certainly not a solution and water supplies are becoming more and more limited.

The challenge remains to find more efficient and environmentally friendly measures to address these problems.

One possibility to increase crops in an environmentally safe way are foliar nutrients like ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER®.” Foliar nutrients, like ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER®, are by far the most effective way to provide the plants with nutrients and trace elements. The nutrients are immediately available and easily used by the plants. Investigations by the University of Michigan showed that the up-take of nutrients through the leaves is about 10 to 100 times faster than through the roots. Nutrient imbalances can be quickly corrected by stimulating root up-take of macro nutrients.
Foliar nutrients correct deficiencies, strengthen weak or damaged crops and speed up the growth of strong plants. ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® is a 100% natural mineral product based on the natural mineral plant growth enhancer and adaptogen. It contains finely micronized and augmented natural calcite consisting of calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, and calcite-related minerals such as dolomite [magnesium calcium carbonate; CaMg9CO3)2] and ankerite [CaM(CO2)2; M=Mn, Zn, Fe].

ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® – Pure Mineral – non Toxic – non Polluting!

Sprayed on to the leaves the activated micronized particles of ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® penetrate through the stomata (pores) into the leaves. Effect: highly increased photosynthesis and stress resistance resulting in fast growing healthy plants


Powder the seed or moisten the seedlings with ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® prior to planting. Spray the plants with a 0.2% dispersion (350g/Rai) after development of the first 3-4 leaves. Thereafter every 2-3 weeks with 0.2% to 0.3% dispersion.


Effective supply of calcium and silicon to plants; increases photosynthetic activity followed by better C02 utilization and production of primary and secondary metabolites. Consequently ENVIROLIZER® provides an improvement in fruit and crop yeilds, while increasing plant resistance toward environmental stress.

GENERAL RESULTS, valid for all cultures

Application of ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® results in:

Calcium Silicon Effective calcium and silicon supplementation through leaf surface.

Secondary Metabolites Increased biosynthesis of plant main products; starch, cellulose, lignin, proteins, lipids etc.

Primary Metabolites Increased biosynthesis of plant secondary metabolites; terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, auxins, etc.

Enviro Stress Resistance Increased resistance towards environmental stress; temperatures and hydro-stress.

Pest Resistance Increased resistance toward plant diseases (especially fungal ones) and pests.

Nutrients Utilisation Significantly enhanced uptake and absorption of nutrients from common fertilization.

Significant improvement in plant growth and productivity due to increased photosynthetic activity and nutrient uptake

Increased resistance to plant diseases, especially fungal ones.

Increased resistance to negative effects of high environmental temperatures and hydro-stress.

Increased biosynthesis of secondary metabolism products.


The natural fertilizer ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® made of Calcite (CaMg)C03
is certified for use in organic growing.
In Europe certified as an ecological product
corresponding to the NFU44-001 standard for use in organic agriculture
in conformity with CEE No. 2092/91 regulation of 24/7-91.

ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® has no toxicity at all, no health risk for the farmers and no burden on the environment. Plants and farmers love ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER®