Foliar Nutrition with ENVIRONLIZER - Success with Nature

“Roots are leaves in the ground and leaves are roots in the air”

While it is true that the major elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) are more economically supplied in solid form, some experts believed that it was only the quantity of these that counted. However, the mere presence of a particular chemical element in the soil does not guarantee the effective assimilation of mineral fertilisers by plants.

Nutrient demand curves indicate stages in a plant’s life-cycle when the need for some nutrients may be greater than the plant’s physiological capacity to supply itself, even when these soil nutrients are abundantly available. Highly soluble potassium and nitrogen-based fertilisers can be easily washed out from the soil, and phosphate fertilisers can attach themselves to ions of potassium, magnesium, aluminium and iron into a chemically insoluble form for plants.

ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER – the mode of action

Foliar nutrients are mobilised directly into plant leaves, which is the goal of fertilization to begin with, increasing the rate of photosynthesis in the leaves, and by doing so stimulate nutrient absorption by plant roots.

Foliar fertilizer used in conjunction with solid fertilizer, can be used to quickly correct a nutrient imbalance and stimulate increase in root uptake. This does not mean that foliar fertilizer replaces solid fertilizer in total, but the use of foliar fertilizer has been shown to increase the availability of the applied major elements, that have been applied in solid form. This is the reason why NPK Fertilizer can be reduced up to 50 % and achieving better results.

By applying ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER directly to the leaf, it increases the activity in the leaf, at the same time increasing chlorophyll and thus photosynthesis. And by increasing photosynthesis, we increase production and efficiency. This increased efficiency can reduce the need for soil applied fertilizer, which reduces leaching and run off of fertilizing nutrients.

Excess carbohydrate produced by the plant, due to greater synthesis of sugars by the increased chlorophyll, are excreted by the root hairs which stimulate microbial colonies on the root by providing additional energy sources. The bacterial colonies in turn provide auxins and other root stimulation compounds. More root tissue and root hairs increases the plants ability to take up water and fertilizer ions. The aim of fertilization with ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER is the same for both soil applied as well as foliar applied, but it is, in fact 8-10 times more effective to foliar feed a plant as far as the amount of nutrients required and the speed with which those nutrients were utilized.


ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® is globally the first working-proofed Calcium foliar plant nutrition. With the micronized calcite most as small as 0.1 μm. This is much less than the size of a leafs pore opening (ostiole). So, ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® can enter directly into the leave.

The Stoma of a leaf, where ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER enters.

The benefits of ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® once inside the leave can be attributed to the two decomposition products that emerge and feed the plant: carbondioxide (CO2) and calcium oxide (CaO). ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® starts now immediately as an efficient photosynthetic activator.

The low CO2 content of normal air (0.04 vol.%) means that most cultivated plants fail to achieve an optimum level of photosynthesis. Assuming that temperature conditions are favourable and there is a sufficient supply of nutrients and water, the maximum level of photosynthesis is achieved at around 0.1 vol.% CO2.

The use of the ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® can thus improve the photosynthesis performance. In addition, the effect is further enhanced by the micro-nutrients contained in ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER®.


This cycle starts with every application of ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER®. The more applications, the better for the Tree or Plant.

1. ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® is sprayed on to the leaves of a plant in the morning or in the evening.

2. Within short time, the Photosynthesis of the leaves by using sunlight increases significantly by ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER®. The leaves produce more Glucose and Starch.

3. Due to the increased production of sugar in the leaves, the plant or tree stimulates its water- and nutrient supply out of the soil in order to use and transform the additional sugars

4. The Tree (or the plant) uses more water than the roots can now provide. So it puts down more roots. More roots can now transport more water and can provide more nutrients (N, P, K).

5. The additional roots are now transporting more nutrients. This benefits
    – the blossoms as well as
    – the fruits.
The tree must neither throw off blossoms nor fruit sets. The result: more harvest, increasing fruit quality (higher BRIX) and a healthy tree. The plants stay healthier and stronger.

6. Any additional Cycle of applying ENVIROLIZER FERTILIZER® increases the positive effects of the described cycle. ® increases the positive effects of the described cycle.